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Oral pemphigus: optimization of diagnosis and complex treatment.

Fundamental research should play a special role in the development of dentistry.

Experimental justifi-cation for the use of yttria stabilized zirconia dental im-plants dioxide with.

Periodontal tissue clinical state and electric pulp response in patients with chronic generalized periodontitis: a follow-up analysis during laser therapy.Intraoperative maxilla and mandible positioning techniques in orthognatic surgery. Part 2.

Menstrual cycle phase-related oral cavity changes in women.

New approach to the calculation of dental disease risk indicators.

Contents 2 (87) 2019


Conservative dentistry
4 The study of pathogenesis components and identifica-tion of prognostic criteria for sialolithiasis. Yaremenko A.I., Razumova A.Y., Kutukova S.I.

Prosthetic dentistry
8 A rationale for devitalization of teeth prior to their or-thopedic treatment with porcelain-fused-to-metal restora-tions. Redinova T.L., Subbotina A.V., Redinov I.S., Kor-lyakov D.V., Vetoshkina N.V.

Methods of functional diagnostics in stomatology
12 Application of electromyography in the examination of patients with chronic periodontitis accompanied by-partial secondary adentia of varying severity. Maximovskaya L.N., Kulikov G.V.
16 Stabilometry as a method for assessing the impact of orthodontic treatment on postural status in patients with distal occlusion. Markov N.M., Ivanov V.V., Krechina E.K., Pogabalo I.V.

Economics and organization in dentistry
22 Organizational and legal aspects of adverse out-comes in the provision of dental care. Butenko O.G., Topolnitsky O.Z., Romodanovsky P.O.

26 The sensitivity of Enterococcus faecalis to medications used for root canal therapy in chronic apical periodontitis. Dezhurko-Korol V.A., Makeeva I.M., Semenov A.M., Byakova S.F., Novozhilova N.E.

30 Application of computer occlusiography for the improvement of the occlusion disorder diagnosis efficacy in patients with chronic generalized periodontitis and partial secondary edentulism of varying severity. Kulikov G.V.
34 Substantiation of use of photodynamic therapy in experimental investigation in vitro with strains of parodontopathogenic bacteria and fungi candida. Samusenkov V.O., Tsarev V.N., Ippolitov E.V., Podporin M.S., Ilyasova S.T.

Maxillofacial surgery
42 Structural and functional changes in the nasal and upper lip zone of adult patients with cleft lip and palate and their quality of life after the treatment in an early age. Part 1. Kovalenko K.Yu., Semyonov M.G.

Morphological aspects of dentistry
48 Multilevel composition of the enamel apatite of human teeth (in the context of biomineralogy). Katkova V.I., Golubev E.A.

Dental implantology
54 The use of technology the introduction of dental implants in simulated collagen subtotal demineralized cubе in immediate dental implants. Stomatov D.V., Efimov Yu.V., Stomatov A.V., Nesterov A.V., Popoudin A.A., Bodachevsky D.V., Kurjaev I.I.


60 President FDI K. Kell visit to Moscow
62 Scientific-practical conference “Dentistry and Medicine of Pain” in Moscow