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Contents 2 (83) 2018


Surgical dentistry
6 Selection of coating materials for vestibuloplasty and application of anaesthetics in accordance with patients psycho-emotional traits. Grudyanov A.I., Nikolaev A.V., Rozhnova E.V.

Maxillofacial surgery
12 Intraoperative maxilla and mandible positioning techniques in orthognatic surgery. Part 1. Semenov M.G., Kudryavtseva O.A., Safonov A.A.

Methods of functional diagnostics in stomatology
16 Assessment of hemodynamics of tissue blood flow in periapical tissues after endodontic treatment of periodontitis. Yarygina L.B., Krechinа E.K., Vynnychenko Yu.A., Rozhnova E.V., Sogachev G.V.
20 The determination of optimal parameters of electric current for electric pulp testing. Makeeva I.M., Volkov A.G., Dikopova N.Zh., Ruchkin D.N., Talalaev E.G., Kocharyan A.M.

X-ray dentistry
24 On the issues of X-ray diagnosis of periradicular inflammatory destructive processes in the jaws. Arzhantsev A.P.

30 The possibilities of sonography for the evaluation of tongue structure, position and function in cleft lip and palate patients. Starikova N.V., Nadtochij A.G., Udalova N.V., Baziev A.A., Bondareva N.E.

Psychological aspects in stomatology
36 The impact of dental health status on patients anxiety level, emotional stress degree and quality of life. Rustamova E.K., Lapina N.V., Mitina А.V., Prokhodnaya V.А.

40 Social dental care program for elderly and senile patients as a condition for longevity with high quality of life. Kuznetsov S.V.

Materials in stomatology
44 Estimation of the dynamic temperature impact tolerance of materials used as temporary fillings. Borezentseva V.A., Gapochkina L.L., Kopytov A.A., Tsimbalistov A.V., Poklad S.V.

Economics and organization in dentistry
50 The impact of lifestyle on general health and its significance for dental health: theory development. Khmel. A.A., Dedova N.G., Kochetkova I.O.

Oncology of the maxillofacial region
56 Morphoclinical analysys of parotid gland adenolymphoma (Warthin’s tumor). Demyashkin G.A., Kalinin S.A., Shvorin B.O., Baranovskiy A.G.


64 The first scientific conference of the All-Russian public organization “Society of specialists in the field of maxillofacial surgery”
64 The course of Dr. M. Sedda (Italy) in St. Petersburg
65 Dental events and the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia
65 The Kazbek Cup
66 Volunteers of MSMSU at the opening of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Luzhniki
67 Kazan meets the FIFA World Cup 2018




The largest dental exhibitions

Trade Show Calendar 13.03 – 15.03 2018 North-Western Dental Congress 2018 Omsk, Russia 15.03 – 17.03 2018 Expodental 2018 Madrid, Spain 16.03 – 17.03 2018 ITI Congress Germany Bonn, Germany 27.03 – 30.03 2018 г Belarus Medica 2018 – Pharmaexpo

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