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Contents 3 (84) 2018


Conservative dentistry

6 Infrared spectroscopy in the investigation of the oral fluid in patients with dental erosion. Мitronin А.V., Darsigova Z.Т., Kaumova D.B., Dashkova О.P., Prokopov А.А., Gokzhaev M.B.
12 The efficacy of “PROF.GEORG BIRKMEIER OVER DENTAL GEL®” in the complex treatment of patients with chronic periodontitis. Zorina O.A., Mustafina F.K., Boriskina O.A., Berkutova I.S., Serebrjakova O.A.
18 Investigation of the application frequency of nanocomposite filling materials for chewing surface restoration (based on medical records). Gimaletdinova A.M., Saleeva G.T.

Computer technologies in stomatology

24 The advantages of digital dentistry (based on clinical case of implantation and surgical guide planning with Planmeca Romexis® SW and ceramic restorations design&milling with Planmeca FIT® chairside CAD/CAM system). Kostin K.A., Erohin M.A,, Ponomarev O.Yu., Kozhevin M.V.

Dental implantology

30 The structure of clinical indications and prosthetic techniques applied in practical implantology. Zaslavskij R.S., Olesova V.N., Shmatov K.V., Ivanov A.S., Zaslavskij S.A.


34 Comparative clinical profile of patients with erythema multiforne exudative and pemphigus. Bulgakova A.I., Khismatullina Z.R., Hamzina G.R., Zatsepina M.V., Khaibullina E.R.

Psychological aspects in stomatology

38 Common perception of patient compliance. Literature review. Kabak D.S.


42 The effect of local ketoprofen application on saliva cytokine profile in patients with chronic periodontitis. Ushakov R.V., Ippolitov E.V., Gerasimova T.P., Alekseeva S.R., Nikolaev V.A.

Preventive dentistry

48 Efficacy of “Elgydium Protection Caries” in a comprehensive treatment and prevention program for patients with severe dental caries. Zorina O.A., Petrukhina N.B., Berkutova I.S., Saltovec M.V., Tupicin A.A.

Maxillofacial surgery
56 Intraoperative maxilla and mandible positioning techniques in orthognatic surgery. Part 2. Semenov M.G., Kudryavtseva O.A., Safonov A.A.

Methods of functional diagnostics in stomatology
60 Periodontal microcirculatory parameter in patients with chronic and aggressive periodontitis after conservative and surgical treatment (Follow-up study). Krechina E.K., Frolova O.A., Grudyanov A.I., Mustafina F.K., Zabolotneva S.V.


68 Membership in the StAR as the main task of the association. Kuznetsov S.V.



The largest dental exhibitions

Trade Show Calendar 12.03 – 16.03 2019 IDS 2019 – 38th International Dental Show (Biennial Meeting) Germany, Cologne, Koelnmesse 26.03 – 28.03 2019 Dental-Expo. Volgograd. 2019 Volgograd, Russia 03.04 – 05.04 2019 Stomatex 2019. Rostov-on-Don,Russia 03.04 – 05.04 2019 Congress