Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to the Journal

            The journal “Stomatology for All / International Dental Review” is peer-reviewed scientific journal and follow a policy ethical principles of the preparation and publication of scientific medical journal. Submitted papers are evaluated by editorial board members or specialized in the article field referees. The authors are responsible for the contents of their paper or short communication and it’s publication fact.

To publish the article you should prepare a manuscript for printing (in accordance with the rules indicated below) and bring it to our editorial office or submit to the following e-mail address

1. The paper is presented in MS Word in printed or electronic version. Text should be formatted with half interval, font Times New Roman, size 14. Diagrams, charts and drawings should be submitted electronically in the formats “jpeg” or “tiff” and must be allocated on separate pages.

2. Title of article and list of authors are presented both in Russian and English languages.

3. Title page should include information about authors (last name, first name, patronymic name; scientific degrees and titles, positions at job). It is desirable to provide photo of authors in “tiff” or “jpeg” formats. The covering letter should be provided with e-mail address, and telephone number of the “Corresponding author” who will be responsible for any contacts.

4. Summary and key words in Russian and English languages should be attached to the manuscript. Instruction for English summary writing is available here.

5. Please use separate sheet for the list of references. Give each source a consecutive number and start it with the new line. The list of references should be composed in order of citation.

6. Please provide the list of references with the following  information: for books – initials after last names of authors, full name of the book, city of publishing, year of publishing; for journals – initials after last names of authors, full name of the article, name of the journal, name of the issue, year of publishing, the pages from and to. Authors are responsible for accuracy of information provided in the list of references. Last names of foreign authors are given in the original transcription.