Contents 1 (66) 2014


Conservative dentistry

Using of antioxidant therapy in comparison with traditional methods of treatment for erythematous form of oral lichen planus. L.A. Sedova, Y.N. Perlamutrov, I.M. Korsunskaya

Preventive dentistry

Differentiated approach to the prevention of periodontal disease in athletes of olympic reserve. Zh.I. Kuzmina

Anesthesia in stomatology

Effect of local anesthesia with articaine in combination with epinephrine and clonidine on cardiovascular system of older children in pediatric dental practice. A.V. Melnikova

Determination of a patient adaptation degree to a stress situation in pediatric dental practice. A.V. Melnikova, I.A. Shugaylov, V.V. Milenin


Condition of organs and tissues of oral cavity during orthodontic treatment with application of aligners. I.M. Makeeva, T.V. Gevorkyan


Some aspects diagnostic radiology of diseases parodontium. A.P. Arzhantsev, M.I. Tamaskhanova


Child and parentes relations and an assessment of their influences on behavior of the child at the dentist. E.N. Falko, V.M. Yelizarova, N.A. Sirota

Dental implantology

Removal of bulk tumors mandible intraoral way. A.A. Sletov, S.V. Sirak, A.B. Davydov, A.V. Elizarov, T.T. Mebonia, А.V. Arutunov

Oral hygiene

Clinical and economic effectiveness of professional oral hygiene in young employees from hazardous working conditions. D.A. Bronshtein, E.E. Olesov, N.I. Shaimieva, A.E. Olesov, S.A. Zaslavskiy


Features of stomatological diseases and references of the patients for by the stomatological help in urban polyprophile polyclinic. V.M. Grinin, Z.Yu. Amiroff

Economics and organization in dentistry

Legislative base and normative legal ensuring of the organization stomatological help. V.D. Vagner, R.A. Saleev, E.O. Danilov, L.E. Smirnova, A.V. Gus’kov


Educative program “Early orthodontic treatment with the help of removable system LM-Activator” of the companys LM-Dental (Finland) and Raudentall (Russia)

Chairman of the Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications of the State Duma A.V. Mitrofanov in “Club 32”

Meeting with a president of RDA V.V. Sadovskiy

Round-table discussion “State and prospect of the development of stomatological field. Functioning of RDA section to work with stomatological industry”

Dentists Ball—2014


Pierre Fauchard on postage stamps from the philatelic collection of the MSMSU after A.I. Evdokimov. O.O. Yanushevich, S.D. Arutyunov, S.A. Muslov