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Conservative dentistry

6 Innate immunity factors of periodontal tissues in patients with jaw fractures. N.M. Helminskaya, L.V. Gankovskaya, E.A. Molchanova, O.A. Svitich, V.V. Grechenko


12 Complex treatment of chronic apical periodontitis. L.A. Mamedova, O.I. Efimovich, T.N. Siukaeva

X-ray in stomatology

16 Radiologically manifestations of the injuries upper and middle zone facial region skull. A.P. Arzhantsev

Maxillofacial surgery

22 Especially of surgery treatment of large cysts of the mandible. B.Ya. Asnin, A.Yu. Drobishev, S.A. Asnina

Oral hygiene

24 Multimodality dental rehabilitation of patients with periodontal disease and iodine deficiency. G.I. Rogozhnikov, E.M. Karavaeva, M.V. Martysheva, E.S. Gorovitz, T.I. Karpunina


32 Complex therapy of periodontitis using combined periodontal irrigations by water ionized with silver and 4% aqueous-alcoholic solution of propolis. M.S. Aliyevа, I.M-K. Rasulov, M.A. Magomedov, A.A. Osmanova, Kh.M. Magomedov

Prosthetic dentistry

38 Comparative assessment of an atrophy of a bone tissue in area the dental implants of various diameter at orthopedic treatment of patients with total loss of teeth. A.E. Kalamkarov

42 Electromyographic study of patients with different types of dentures and indicators of bone mineral density. S.I. Abakarov, D.V. Sorokin, P.S. Stepanov

Microbiology and ecology of the oral cavity

46 Effect of probiotics on the state of oral mucosal immunity. T.L. Redinova, A.Yu. Zorin, A.A. Timofeeva, O.V. Tretyakova, O.O. Biktimerova


52 The family dentist — the dominant figure in the system of the rendering dental care. Interview of academician RAS V.K. Leont’ev to editor-in-chief of the journal “International Dental Review” A.V. Konarev, 4 february 2016.

56 Working meeting of members of the stomatological scientifically educational medical cluster

56 World Dentist Day. Federal “Ball dentists of the Russia-2016”

60 International symposium “The multidisciplinary approach to diagnostics and treatment of the craniomandibular dysfunctions”

62 The memory of Anatoliy Brezhnev