Conservative dentistry

4 Elastic tension analysis of teeth with class II cavities. V.V. Zagorskiy, I.M. Makeeva, R.M. Zhigunov

10 The experience in the treatment of initial dental caries in patients infected with herpes virus. Yu.V. Andreeva, A.I. Bulgakova

Maxillofacial surgery

14 Features of surgical approaches in the treatment of large parapharyngeal space tumors. E.Ch. Aslanova, A. Yu. Drobyshev, A.M. Mudunov

Dental implantology

18 Use of BoneTrust plus dental implants with the direct dental implantation and immediate loading. R.V. Ushakov, G.R. Hurhurov, A.R. Ushakov, H.R. Dautov


22 The prevalence of oral mucosal lesions in patients visiting stomatologist (in SOR-Alania). D.K. Dzgoeva, R.V. Zoloev

Preventive dentistry

24 Algorithm of caries preventive program based on individual risk assessment. I.N. Kuzmina

Lasers in dentistry

30 Use of the diode laser in complex treatment of the paradontits among athletes. D.I. Karpovich, I.A. Shugailov, A.V. Mikhaylova

Economics and organization in dentistry

34 Current trends of providing dental care in Russian Federation according to the statistical reporting data. S.T. Sokhov, T.P. Sabgaida, A.V. Alekseev

40 The clinical effeсacy of treatment of needy patients with the qualification of life. A.I. Bulgakova, R.M. Dyumeev

Microbiology and ecology of the oral cavity

44 The assessment of the effectiveness of use Emalan’s gel after conduction of the korregiruyushchy operations of patients on a mucous oral cavity. L.A. Dmitrieva, M.D. Ardatskaya, O.V. Velizhanina, E.V. Istranova

Prosthetic dentistry

50 Clinical efficacy of the nonmetal ceramic crowns on the teeth and implants. D.A. Bronshtein, R.U. Bersanov, S.S. Khubaev, Yu.M. Magamedkhanov, S.A. Zaslavskiy

54 Efficiency of application of dental gels for shielding of removable dentures. V.V. Sadovski, Yu.G. Romanova


58 In commemoration of A.I. Doynikov