Contents 2 (67) 2014


Conservative dentistry

6 Cathodoluminescence as a tool for in virto quantitative assessment of hard tooth tissues compositions. I.M. Makeeva, N.O. Bessudnova, M.D. Matasov

Dental implantology

12 Biomechanical aspects of emergence of changes in an alveolar bone at orthopedic treatment of patients with defects of tooth alignments with use the dental implants. A.E. Kalamkarov

Preventive dentistry

16 Preventive stomatologic help in various subjects of the Russian Federation, 2006—2012. S.T. Sochov, М.A. Ivanova, S.А. Kulikova

20 Maturing regulation of fissures’ enamel of children’s second teeth with the use of the fluorine-containing toothpastes. O.G. Avraamova, A.R. Zaborskaya, G.I. Skripkina, T.N. Gorova


23 Complex treatment of inflammatory periodontal disease with phage products. B.V. Trifonov, E.A. Oleynik

Anesthesia in dentistry

26 The use of clonidine in combination with articaine and epinephrine for anesthesia in pediatric dental practice. A.V. Melnikova, I.A. Shugaylov

Maxillofacial surgery

32 Hardware method of treatment in mandibular fractures bisphosphonate osteonecrosis. A.A. Sletov, S.V. Sirak, A.B. Davydov, T.T. Mebonia, А.V. Arutunov

36 Functional and anatomical parameters in congenital and acquired deformities of the nose. A.Yu. Drobyshev, E.G. Krasavtseva, A.V. Glushko


40 Analysis of the quantitative characterization of the antibacterial activity of temporary occlusive pastes applied to c apexification (experimental study). V.I. Samokhina, M.G. Chesnokova, O.V. Matskieva

44 Analysis of oral cavity homeostasis clinical and laboratory parameters of preschool-age children with caries-resistancy. G.I. Skripkina, T.S. Mityaeva


48 LM-Activator in practice of the orthodontist. N.M. Sosnina

Prosthetic dentistry

52 Rational approachs to prosthetic treatment of patients with oral mucosa diseases. V.O. Samusenkov, A.L. Makarov, A.S. Utuj, S.R. Belous


56 Svetoterapiya of deep caries of teeth. V.V. Mironova, O.V. Martsevа


60 Fazil Iskander’s 85 years

62 Meeting at MSMSU department of anesthesia in dentistry

62 L.L. Kolesnikov and L.E. Etinden’s monograph “Outside of the human anatomy’s course”

64 Conference “Registration of the medical produce. Import of the medical produce. Overpatching legislation”