Contents 2 (71) 2015


Conservative dentistry

6 Morphological features of reparative processes in the gingival mucosa in patients with chronic generalized periodontitis at pharmacotherapy metabolic correctors. V.L. Popkov, L.A. Faustov, N.L. Sychova, A.V. Zadorozhnyj, S.U. Maksukov

12 Difficulties in treatment of the eсzematous cheilitis. I.B. Trofimova, L.I. Glebova, E.A. Amatuni, L.A. Sedova

Prosthetic dentistry

14 Comparative evaluation of efficacy of different prosthetic treatment modalities for patients with full and partial defects of dentitions by means of oral health related quality of life indications (Oral health impact profile, OHIP-49-RU). O.S. Gileva, T.V. Libik, E.D. Nazukin, A.Yu. Yakov, E.A. Gorodilova

Oral hygiene

19 Features of the professional hygiene in the clinical cases of diseases of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. N.V. Tiunova, S.M. Tolmacheva, L.I. Egorova, M.L. Zhdanova

Dental implantology

21 Dental rehabilitation of patients using the full conditionally removable prosthesis based on dental implants and fixation system Locator. R.V. Martirosyan, M.A. Sarkisyan, A.V. Voronin, A.V. Vyshlova


26 Clinical, functional and microbiological characteristics of periodontal patients with chronic generalized periodontitis. M.S. Aliyevа, I.M.-K. Rasulov, M.A. Magomedov, A.A. Osmanova, Kh.M. Magomedov

Microbiology and ecology of the oral cavity

32 Pathogenetic significance of oral antimicrobial peptides for caries recurrence in pregnant women. V.A. Prohodnaja

36 Characteristics of the composition of periodontopathogenic microbial flora of athletes and it connection with dental health. A.P. Anishenko, Z.M. Kostyuk, A.G. Ponomareva, E.N. Nikolaeva

Maxillofacial surgery

40 Clinical using of osteoplastic material “Cross bone matrix” (Biotech International) on the collagen basis in operation external sinus lifting. R.V. Martirosyan, A.V. Voronin, A.V. Vyshlova

Economics and organization in dentistry

44 The provision of dental medical organizations of the Ryazan region with dental sets. V.A. Peshkov, S.I. Morozova, V.D. Vagner, A.V. Guskov


48 Examination of hard tooth tissue and periodontium in children with anomalous position of teeth. E.A. Oleynik, B.V. Trifonov, E.G. Denisova, L.B. Pashenko

X-ray dentistry

52 Radiologically manifestations injury lower zone facial region skull. A.P. Arzhantsev


57 Professor of the Moscow Dentists Institute Vladimir Petrovich Pomerantsev — representative of clinical school of academician V.N. Vinogradov. A.V. Topolianskiy, E.A. Prohorovich, K.A. Pashkov


60 On XXXIII All-Russian theoretical and practical RDA conference “Actual problems of the stomatology”

61 Resolute step in the cavity-free future

62 Special nomination “Miss Club 32. Beautiful and healthy teeth” for the first time on competition “Rossiyskaya krasavica”