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Prosthetic dentistry

6 Long-term comparative results of clinical effectiveness of metal and ceramic bridges on the frame of zirconia. . D.A. Bronshteyn, T.N. Novozemtseva, A.A. Remizova, S.A. Zaslavskiy, N.O. Grishkova, A.V. Zharov
10 Characteristics of using of neuromuscular relaxing soft night splint at treatment of patients with temporomandibular disorders. . A.V. Osipov, D.V. Dorokhin, A.A. Shevchenko


14 Using computer stabilography and neurophysiological research methods in the diagnosis of postural disorders and denervation in periodontitis. . Mohamad Khiri Beck, L.A. Mamedova, O.I. Efimovich
22 Clinical and immunological assessment of the oral cavity in patients with fixed prosthetic aesthetic designs and inflammatory periodontal diseases. . I.R. Shafeev, A.I. Bulgakova, I.V. Valeev, G.Sh. Zubairova

Conservative dentistry

26 Some aspects of the treatment of deep caries with medical pads. . A.H. Balov, M.T. Thazaplizheva, Z.M. Balova, A.O. Balkarov

Computer technologies in stomatology

29 Methods of study of three-dimensional orientation of mandibular axis reporting to the orthognathic occlusion based on the computer tomography (CT) of temporomandibular joint (TMJ). . E.N. Zhulev, E.A. Bogatova

Microbiology and ecology of the oral cavity

32 The influence of tobacco smoking and contents carbon monoxide in the exhaled air on stomatologic health of patients. . Yu.O. Soldatova, A.I. Bulgakova, H.H. Ganceva, F.R. Hismatullina


36 Assessment of state of support teeth during orthodontic treatment according Periotest data. . S.A. Degtyarev
40 Substantiation of modern method to organization of orthodontal care for children with lokomotor apparatus abnormalities. . E.G. Perova, A.A. Levenets

Materials in stomatology

48 Compare of the machine cyclic fatigue endodontic NiTi instruments (experimentally-clinical research). . A.A. Adamchik, A.V. Arutyunov, V.V. Tairov, V.V. Tairov

Preventive dentistry

53 State of the practice in the provision of preventive services for children in municipal dental care institutioms of Krasnoyarsk. S.A. Moiseenko, A.V. Nagornov, E.A. Bril, V.N. Chernov, T.M. Shendrik, D.V. Vlasov


58 World Oral Health Day in Russia
60 Congress ERO FDI in Baku (Azerbaijan)
61 Rating of the stomatological faculties of Russia