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6 Improvement of the adhesive splinting in chronic generalized periodontitis. Abaev Z.M., Severina L.A., Bogomolova I.P., Bagaeva M.R., Semjonov M.V.

12 The efficacy of dental complex (dental pencil and dental ointment) used in patients with periodontal inflammatoty diseases. Bulgakova A.I., Vasilieva N.A., Shikova Yu.V., Soldatova E.S.

Dental implantology

16 Application of the low-intensity microwave treatment after intraosseous dental implantation. Krechina Е.К., Badalyan V.A., Bobrovnitskiy O.I.

Conservative dentistry

22 Algorithm of preimplantitie prevention with the use of a donestic means sased on bacteriophages “Phagodent”. Nikitin V.V., Zaslavskij S.A., Bronshteyn D.A., Zaslavskij R.S., Shmatov K.V.

26 Application of modern means and techniques in combination therapy of periodontal inflammatory disease. Berezina N.V., Silantyeva E.N., Krivonos S.M.

31 The role of antiseptic agents in the treatment of acute herpetic stomatitis in children. Tidgen K.V.

34 The incidence of gingival bleeding in patients receiving anticoagulant therapy. Kaigorodov V.A., Nurieva N.S.

38 Application of medicinal plants for the integrated treatment and prevention of inflammatory periodontal disease. Fleicher G.M.

Oncology of the maxillofacial region

40 Morphofunctional characteristics of primary ameloblastoma in the nasal cavity: retrospective study. Demyashkin G.A.


48 Age factor in surgical treatment of the alveolitis. Iordanishvili A.K., Muzykin M.I., Lyskov N.V.

Rehabilitation of dental patients

52 Peculiarities of complex rehabilitation of patients after surgical interventions in the maxillofacial region. Kharitonov D.Yu., Mitin N.E., Sorokina M.A., Grishin M.I., Mishin D.N.

56 The dynamics of quality of life in patients during rehabilitation after orthognathic surgery. Vagner V.D., Khasyanov A.Sh., Smirnova L.E.


59 In memory of Anatoliy Vasilyevich Alimskiy
60 Darta — the journey from St. Petersburg to Europe
62 World Oral Health Day—2017 in Russia