Contents no. 3 2013


Conservative dentistry

4 Fracture-resistance of class II restorations (retrospective clinical evaluation). I.M. Makeeva, A.Yu. Turkina, V.A. Adilkhanyan, R.M. Zhigunov

Prosthetic dentistry

8 The state mucosal immune homeostasis depending on the prosthetic material, based on dental implants. Yu.Yu. Pervov, M.Z. Mirgazizov, S.V. Ignatiev, V.S. Bocharov, V.E. Tolmashev

14 The influence of complications after prosthodontic therapy on quality of life. N.N. Monastyreva, R.V. Zoloev

Surgical dentistry

16 Research of osteoinductive activity of recombinant bone morphogenetic protein (rhBMP-2) in the osteoplastic material based on demineralized matrix in the experiment. A.I. Bychkov, M.E. Doliner, A.I. Sitdikova, A.V. Volkov, O.A. Rachinskaya

Maxillofacial surgery

21 Resizing of the upper airway in the surgical treatment of patients with congenital dentofacial anomalies. A.V. Glushko, A.Yu. Drobyshev, G.S. Gordina

26 Characteristics of the surgical service of osteonecrosis jaws on background of the drug dependence. R.Z. Saberov, A.Yu. Drobyshev

Economics and organization in dentistry

34 The perspectives of the expansion of voluntary medical insurance in dental service. I.M. Erkanyan, O.P. Dashkova, V.M. Grinin

Lasers in dentistry

36 The treatment of the herpes simplex of oral cavity with use the diode laser and preparation Valtrex. V.S. Bulgakov, E.A. Brovenko


42 Comparative activity of some antiseptic preparations regarding habitat root canals with chronic periodontal inflammation in children. V.I. Samokhina, M.G. Chesnokova, V.D. Landinova, O.V. Matskieva

46 Prenosologic diagnostics and prognostication of carious process in children. G.I. Skripkina

Oral hygiene

52 Assessment of microbial contamination of toothbrushes for children with disabillties. A.G. Dmitrova, N.A. Dmitrieva, A.A. Kulakov


56 The clinical aspects of use of the dental volume tomography for diagnostics of the form bone defects of patients with chronic generalized periodontitis. A.Yu. Vasilyev, L.N. Maximovskaya, P.V. Kuprin, M.A. Sokolova

Microbiology and ecology of the oral cavity

62 Expression of the receptor molecule cell activation and features during the clinical period of chronic osteomyelitis of the mandible. G.M. Khatami, Yu.I. Chergeshtov, E.V. Ippolitov, V.N. Tsarev

68 Estimation of activity of development of the cariesogenic microflora on a surface of seals from modern of composite materials in conditions of clinic and experiment. A.V. Lyevkin, V.N. Tsaryev, V.M. Grinin

74 Microelements of biological media in case of lichen acuminatus complicated by oral galvanism. L.D. Gozhaya, G.F. Mamedova, V.N. Dymkova, T.G. Isakova


77 Meeting in “Dental Club 32”

77 Results of I International CAD CAM Congress in Moscow