Contents 3 (68) 2014


Conservative dentistry

Analysis of electron microscopy in combination with infiltration method and different restoration techniques on the results of studies in vitro for the treatment of focal demineralization of enamel in defect stage. A.V. Sevbitov, Yu.A. Ippolitov, E.A. Skatova, A.A. Shakaryants

Results of the treatment of caries teeth of patients from bronchial asthma. A.V. Alimsky, I.V. Kupreeva

Gomotoksikoz — one from important causes of the developing of the stomatological diseases. V.N. Tsarev, A.G. Ponomareva, M.A. Sarkisyan, Z.M. Kostyuk

Surgical dentistry

Comporative analysis and clinical experience of the use of the osteoplastic materials “Osteoplast-K” and “Collapan-L” at the close of bone defects in ambulant surgical dentistry. M.V. Dounaev, V.A. Kitaev, M.V. Matavkina, A.E. Druginin, A.S. Bubnov

Prosthetic dentistry

Nature of distribution the occlusion of loadings in bone fabric at orthopedic treatment of patients with total loss of teeth with use the dental implants. A.E. Kalamkarov, I.O. Kostin

Comparative analysis of the viscosity index of the agents for fixing dentures. V.P. Tlustenko, M.I. Sadykov, A.E. Morozov, A.M. Nesterov

Analysis of the influence of human element to process odontopreparation in experiment on phantom skull. A.V. Ivaschenko

Diagnosis of allergic reactions in patients using removable denrures with acrylic basis. Yu.G. Romanova, V.V. Sadovskiy

Stomatology and quality of life

Contemporary investigations to estimation of influence stomatologic pathology on quality of life of the patients. V.M. Grinin, L.S. Kovaleva, Z.M. Abaev, I.M. Erkanian, S.V. Nikolaev

Materials in stomatology

Study of the changes in the properties CoCr alloy after pulsed eletron-beam exposure. D.V. Baskov, Yu.A. Denisova, T.I. Ibragimov, N.N. Koval, E.A. Petrikova, A.D. Teresov


Clinical current and assessment of efficiency of conservative treatment of initial caries of teeth at children against various activity of pathological process. E.V. Ekimov, I.M. Voloshina, G.I. Skripkina

Aesthetic stomatology

Influence of characteristics of color on perception to the dentists. A.V. Sevbitov, A.S. Brago, E.Yu. Kanukoeva, M.Yu. Kuznetsova, Z.A. Guryeva

Economics and organization in dentistry

Algorithm of medical care for patients with chronic pain syndromes of the face and mouth on the exsample of a specialized dental neurological center. E.G. Borisova


Titanic instruments LM-ErgoMix — safe for implants. R. Prinssi, M. Lagervall


Final of the championship of stomatological craftsmanship “The best work on prosthetic dentistry—2014” in Tyumen’

Samara had championship of stomatological craftsmanship on aesthetical dentistry again