Contents 3 (72) 2015




Conservative dentistry


6 Evaluation receptor system in the flat lichen, leukoplakia and glossalgia. E.R. Gorina, E.A. Volkov, S.N. Ermoliev, L.V. Grishina, I.B. Ikonnikova


12 Clinical and molecular-genetic evaluation of bacteriophage treatment in complex therapy of periodontal diseases. E.A. Oleynik, B.V. Trifonov, A.V. Tsimbalistov, E.G. Denisova


Computer technologies in stomatology


16 Significance of computad tomography for odontogenic sinusitis identification. N.V. Bojko, S.Yu. Maksyukov, D.S. Shcheplyakov, Yu.N. Demidov, A.V. Borzilov, M.G. Fomenko


Microbiology and ecology of the oral cavity


20 Research methods of periodontal microbiome. N.V. Kruglova, N.V. Tiunova, A.V. Kochubeynik, E.V. Kitaeva


Surgical dentistry


24 Comparative characteristics of the postoperative course in patients after removal of impacted third molars. S.A. Asnina, N.V. Shishkova, L.G. Mazur, N.M. Lazarihina, A.U. Drobishev


28 The surgical treatment of complex dental treatment in difficult clinical cases. R.V. Martirosyan, A.V. Voronin, A.V. Vyshlova


Preventive dentistry


32 New technologies in the prevention of dental caries and remineralization of dental hard tissues. N.B. Yeliseyeva, N.M. Belova


Psychological aspects in stomatology


36 Threat burnout as a professional psychological characteristics of a job Doctor-Dentistry. V.A. Kenig, A.D. Goncharenko




42 Method for evaluating the adaptability orthodontic tretment of patients with distal occlusion of dentition according to computer stabilometry. I.D. Samohvalova, D.D. Samohvalova




46 Immune system aspects in patients with aggressive periodontitis. T.V. Zakirov, E.V. Brusnitsyna, T.N. Tarasevich


Dental implantology


52 Role of cortical bone in the distribution of functional stresses from dental implants (experimental study). D.A. Bronshtein, V.N. Olesova, R.U. Bersanov, N.A. Uzunyan, A.A. Adamczyk, S.A. Zaslavsky


Economics and organization in dentistry

54 Reclamations, that could have been avoided. V.V. Boyko, M.E. Minabutdinova




60 Topical problems of registation of the medical products for dentistry

62 Conference in CSRIS and MFS dedicated to the 100 anniversary of the birth of V.V. Dadalian

63 In 15th jubilee Scientific congress of Bulgarian Dental Association