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Contents 3 (76) 2016


Conservative dentistry

6 Usage of the combined medicinal pastes for caries treatment of the dentine (Review). A.L. Golovanenko

Prosthetic dentistry

12 The clinical characteristic of patients with removable dentures produced from various materials. R.M. Galeev, A.I. Bulgakova

Oral hygiene

16 Research of the effectiveness of sonic toothbrush Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum and manual toothbrush. I.M. Makeeva, K.S. Babina, A.A. Kurtishov, Z.S. Budaichieva

Dental implantology

19 Efficacy of xenogeneic deproteinizirovanny osteoplastic material “Bio-Ost” when sinus lift. D.V. Stomatov, A.V. Stomatov, P.V. Ivanov, Yu.V. Efimov, L.A. Zulkina

Surgical dentistry

22 Socket preservation along with an extraction upper premolar by using Geistlich Mucograft® Seal and Geistlich Bio-Oss® Collagen. R.V. Martirosyan, T.M. Bostandzhyan, M.A. Sarkisyan, A.V. Voronin

26 Restoration of missing upper premolar using small diameter implant (here was used XIVE S plus D 3.4 мм (Dentsply implants) as an example) along with soft tissue plastic by using gum graft. R.V. Martirosyan, T.M. Bostanjyan, M.A. Sargsyan, A.V. Voronin


30 Characteristics of local factors in oral cavity that cause gingivitis in patients. N.A. Vasiljeva, A.I. Bulgakova

34 Study of impact periodontal protectoron peridontium state in health and in chronic periodontitis. O.A. Zorina, V.A. Venediktova, V.V. Prokop’ev, M.A. Amhadova

Materials in stomatology

40 Alternative biomaterials used for bone substitution: obtaining and testing. A.N. Akbarov, Zh.Sh. Tulyaganov, D.U. Tulyaganov


46 Diagnosis and complex treatment of children with retention of permanent teeth in the treatment with a support on orthodontic implants. S.M. Kaluzhskaya, S.A. Degtyarev


50 About the feasibility of the interdisciplinary approach to primary dental care for persons of the elderly and senile age. S.V. Kuznetsov


56 Need in dental prophylaxis, treatment and prostheties of the industrial workers with weights somatic status. D.A. Bronshteyn, S.A. Zaslavskij, E.E. Olesov, T.N. Novozemtseva, A.A. Remizova, E.Y. Chujanova, N.A. Shmakov


58 Professional standard “Dentist” was adopted
60 Dentistry and poetry. Cinema poetic party “A smile to raise in a law”. A.V. Konarev, L.V. Lavrova