Contents 4 (65) 2013


Prosthetic dentistry

4 Improvement the processing technique of hollow obturator. S.V. Kozlov, O.S. Gujter, E.V. Kochurova

9 Complex dental rehabilitation of patients with oral mucosal diseases: rational approaches to prosthetic treatment. O.S. Gileva, J.S. Yashina, T.V. Libik, A.A. Pozdnyakova, E.A. Gorodilova

16 Morphology of the ceramic surface after etching acid, ceramic surface roughness. A.A. Mikheeva, G.V. Bol’shakov

20 Estimation of wear resistance of commercial artificial teeth by a model reciprocating sliding in vitro. A.B. Peregudov, V.D. Eshidorzhiyev, M.I. Petrzhik, A.I. Klimova

26 The state of abutment teeth according to the use of X-ray examination data to using non-removable dentures. O.E. Kuznetsov, M.S. Novichkova


30 The incidence of post-menopausal women in the dental examination. S.T. Sokhov, A.M. Mkrtumyan, O.V. Stosh

34 Quality of life and behavioural risk factors of patients with pathology of an oral cavity and maxillofacial area. Yu.M. Maksimovskiy, K.G. Gurevich, E.G. Fabrikant, O.V. Fedotkina

Maxillofacial surgery

38 Surgery of deforming temporo-mandibular osteoarthritis using implants of NiTi. A.A. Radkevich, A.A. Gantimurov, V.E. Gunther, T.B. Zhuravleva

42 Algorithm of the surgical service patients with defects of the alveolar bone (part) jaws with use of the submucosal endoexpanders. R.S. Grozov, A.Yu. Drobyshev

Preventive dentistry

48 Volume of curative and preventive measures conducted by dentists in the treatment of periodontitis. Z.E. Revazova, V.D. Vagner, L.A. Dmitrieva, R.R. Muradyan

Conservative dentistry

52 Atraumatic restorative treatment: current trends. Review of literature. A.G. Dmitrova

Psychological aspects in stomatology

56 Psychological aspects of the aid toothache. V.A. Kenig, O.V. Belkova

Economics and organization in dentistry

61 Administrator — feeble link of the stomatological clinic. V.V. Boyko

Aesthetic stomatology

64 Clinical bleaching of the teeth — opinion of the professional. I.A. Petukhova

Materials in stomatology

68 The modern requirements to stomatological composite materials, used for constant seals. A.V. Levkin, V.M. Grinin


70 Comparative estimation of the clinical and stomatologic status of long-livers. S.N. Razumova, D.S. Uvarova, V.N. Shabalin


73 Congress, devoted 60 anniversary of stomatology faculty Ierusalim’s university of Khadassah

74 Press-conference of president RDA V.V. Sadovskiy and chief stomatologist МH RF, rector MSMSU after A.I. Evdokimov O.O. Yanushevich

75 Sign of approval of RDA. New approach to realization of a project

76 New complex of buildings CRID and MFS started up

78 International preventiv project SM!LE in MSMSU after A.I. Evdokimov

78 XIII Symposium “Actual problems of aesthetic stomatology”, devoted of memory prof. Yu.M. Maksimovskiy