Contents 4 (69) 2014


Conservative dentistry

Development of the adhesive film Diplen-denta with the comdined antimicrobic activity. R.V. Ushakov, V.N. Tsarev, A.R. Ushakov, L.A. Chuhadzan, E.E. Shamikova, N.I. Pakshin

Prosthetic dentistry

Influence of fixation method of complete demountable dentures on efficacy of use and psychophysiological status of elderly and senile aged patients. A.K. Iordanishvili, E.A. Veretenko, L.N. Soldatova, V.V. Lobeyko, D.V. Balin, D.A. Libikh

Diagnosis of dysfunctions of the temporomandibular joint. S.A. Tarakanov, M.D. Podolsky, A.A. Trifonov, E.A. Ivanova

Orthopedic treatment of patients with high gag reflex. A.V. Yumashev, M.V. Mikhailova, I.G. Kuderova, E.A. Kristal, I.R. Doroshina

X-ray dentistry

Radiographic manifestations of dysplasia facial bones. A.P. Arzhantsev

Surgical dentistry

Experimental comparison of the degree of the negative impact of the alveolar bone resorption and tooth extraction wells on the biomechanics of the surrounding bone during functional loading (experimental study). D.A. Bronshtein, E.E. Olesov, V.I. Kononenko, R.U. Bersanov, S.A. Zaslavskiy

Oral hygiene

Sonic toothbrushes — properties and effectiveness. I.N. Kuzmina, B.F. Abdusalamova, A.V. Lapatina


Effects of radiation exposure of dental status of the population. A.V. Sevbitov, N.A. Yablokova, E.A. Skatova, M.Yu. Kuznetsova, S.N. Mironov

Microbiology and ecology of the oral cavity

Studying associative communications of periodonotal patogenic kinds of bacteria of I and II orders at patients with pery-implantitis. E.N. Nikolaeva, V.N. Tsarev, A.M. Panin, V.I. Chuvilkin, E.V. Ippolitov, M.V. Hitarishvili, K.V. Kuznetsov, T.V. Tsareva

Dental implantology

The use of mini-implants as a permanent support for removable dentures of the upper jaw. A.I. Korolev, O.A. Petricas


Professor of the Moscow Dentists Institute Dmitryi Fyodorovich Presnyakov — representative of clinical school of academician V.F. Zelenin. V.I. Borodulin, O.R. Parenkova, K.A. Pashkov, E.A. Prohorovich, A.V. Topolianskiy


Press-conference of president RDA V.V. Sadovskiy and chief stomatologist of MH RF, rector MSMSU after A.I. Evdokimov O.O. Yanushevich

Was authorized by the RDA — high expert appraisement of the professional community

Finale of Federal championship dental mechanics and IV All-Russian congress of dental mechanics in Saratov

At the congress FDI—2014 in New Delhi, India

Russia has entered into “Alliance for future without caries”

Conference with international participation “Modern aspects of oral diseases prevention”

II Russian regional congress of the International association pediatric dentists (IAPD)

Lecture of a professor D. Tumba (Great Britain) about characteristics and methods of the preventive caries at childhood

Alexandra Pakhmutova’s anniversary


Educative program LM-Dental and Raudentall “Early orthodontic treatment using removable system LM-Aktivator”

Seminar on endodontia of a doctor F. Santarkandzhelo (Italy)