Contents 4 (73) 2015



Conservative dentistry

6 Antiphlogistic and antimicrobial therapy in complex treatment of apical periodontitises. E.N. Silant’eva, S.M. Krivonos, N.V. Berezina

10 Justification of use of the Sensodyne® toothpaste at gyperesteziya’s treatment of tooth. A.I. Bulgakova, D.M. Islamova, I.V. Valeev

14 Treatment of destructive forms of apical periodontitis using bioactive gel “Collapan-C”. А.V. Arutyunov, V.I. Starchenko, A.B. Larina, О.N. Ignatiadi


17 Molecular genetic evaluation antibacterial effect ultrasound in the complex therapy periodontitis. E.R. Tamarova, A.R. Mavzyutov, A.H. Baimiev

20 Monitoring biofilm of periodontal pockets in complex treatment of aggressive periodontitis in children. T.V. Zakirov, E.V. Brusnitsyna

Oral hygiene

26 Regular hygiene of the oral cavity-guarantees of the stomatological health. E.A. Prihod’ko

28 Research of the effectiveness of sonic toothbrush “Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum in the mouth at stake is control group of patients. I.M. Makeeva, A.A. Kurtishov, Z.S. Budaichieva

Materials in stomatology

32 Justification of the choice of precision metals used in dentistry for example of the chromium-nickel alloy. A.A. Remizova, A.V. Yumashev, E.A. Kristal

Dental implantology

36 The use of mini-implants as a permanent support for removable dentures of the low jaw. A.I. Korolev, O.A. Petricas


40 Remedy perforation or ledge of the tooth root canal with the help of computer simulation. O.A. Solovyova, Yu.A. Vinnichenko, I.I. Suharsky, A.V. Vinnichenko

Economics and organization in dentistry

44 The study of orthodontic patients’ compliance. O.N. Arkharova

46 Research of the motivational prerequisites for dental treatment to improve quality of life. N.E. Mitin, V.E. Tikhonov, M.I. Grishin

Prosthetic dentistry

48 The choice of supraconstruction in treatment with dental implants in the case of edentulous jaw. V.D. Nikolskiy, G.N. Zhuruli, N.A. Tsalikova

53 Structure of changes of parameters of microcirculation of a prosthetic field at orthopedic treatment of patients with total loss of teeth with use the dental implants. I.O. Kostin, A.E. Kalamkarov


56 Material APCTM  Flash-Free: Change the game rules in orthodontic fixation. Mokhammad Razavi


60 Site of RDA — 15 years

62 World Oral Health Day

62 II Summit of the chief specialists in stomatology of CIS and European regional office WHO