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Contents 4 (77) 2016


Conservative dentistry

6 Experience and prospects of further application of the International classification of diseases in dental practice. I.M. Makeeva, A.I. Grudyanov, M.K. Makeeva, M.V. Sarapultseva, S.O. Chikunov
14 Evaluation of the efficiency of direct restorations of teeth of anterior group. S.Yu. Maksyukov, M.K. Lemeshko


20 Effective treatment pulpitis of temporary teeth by vital pulpotomy. T.Yu. Shiryak, R.A. Saleev

Prosthetic dentistry

26 Clinical efficacy coating prostheses on endosseous implants compared with the total dentures in dynamics for 7 years. D.A. Bronshteyn, S.A. Zaslavskij, T.N. Novozemtseva, A.A. Remizova, N.A. Uzunyan, T.G. Simakova, M.M. Pozharitskaya

29 Research of bioelectric activity of chewing muscles at patients with total loss of teeth at orthopedic treatment with use of dental implants. A.E. Kalamkarov

Oncology in dentistry

34 Autofluorescence stomatoscopyas the method of oncological screening of oral mucosa. L.N. Maximovskaya, A.A. Erk, N.N. Bulgakova, B.V. Zubov

Economics and organization in dentistry

38 Efficiency evaluation and labour remuneration of dental clinic receptionists. V.V. Boyko


46 Freture partially edentulous teeth index loss masticatory efficiency in patients with inflammatory periodontal diseases. N.A. Vasiljeva, A.I. Bulgakova, Yu.V. Bortnovskaya


50 Featube anxious people of older age during the treatment salivare glandsdiseases. V.V. Lobeyko, A.K. Iordanishvili


53 The study of the relationship type disorders of the musculoskeletal system with abnormalities of bite in children. S.A. Belyakov, S.Yu. Kosyuga, E.S. Bogomolova, A.V. Buhnin


56 Elected new members and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences
58 International conference on laser dentistry Dentsply Sirona Laser Days—2016
61 On the 75th anniversary of professor V. Mermann
62 Ball dentists of the Russia—2017