Contents, abstracts and references № 3 (104) 2023


Conservative dentistry
4 Medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaws associated with the use of bone-modifying agents: new studies. Shelegova I.G., Nurieva N.S.
10 Optical methods for caries detection and determination of caries removal end points. Turkina A.Yu., Kochmareva A.S., Nikolashvili N.I., Vlasova N.N., Samusenkov V.O., Shelemetieva G.N., Monakhov I.S.

Prosthetic dentistry
16 Study of the topography and magnitude of occlusal contacts using various hardware methods. Urusov E.K., Bykov D.O.
22 Features of prosthetic treatment for certain anomalies and deformities of teeth and dentition. Rasulov I.M., Gusenov S.G., Azizov K.A.

Anesthesia in dentistry
26 Evaluation of the effectiveness of intraosseous anesthesia in clinical dentistry. Telyanova Yu.V., Stomatov D.V., Chuvashova A.K., Makarova N.I.

Maxillofacial surgery
34 Modern approaches to the diagnosis of functional disorders of the temporomandibular joint in mandibular trauma. Khelminskaya N.M., Kravets A.V., Pogabalo I.V., Posadskaya A.V., Kravets V.I., Eremin D.A., Zavgorodnev K.D.
40 New approaches to determining the degree of risk of development and prevention of postoperative complications in intermuscular phlegmon of the maxillofacial region. Nersesyants T.S., Tatyanchenko V.K., Korobka V.L., Nersesyants S.A., Kononenko V.I.

Dental materials science
46 Investigation of new light-cured composite dental materials by atomic absorption spectroscopy. Shalamay L.I., Mendosa E.Yu., Maiorov E.E., Lampusova V.B., Oksas N.S.

Radiology in dentistry
53 X-ray features and diagnostics of purulent-necrotic lesions of the jaws. Arzhantsev A.P.

History, culture, ethics
60 One of the founders of Russian dentistry Pavel Georgievich Dauge: very personal… Iordanishvili A.K.