Contents, abstracts and references № 1 (90) 2020



Conservative dentistry
4 Optimisation of diagnostics and complex treatment of multi-form exudative erythema of cavity mucosa. Bulgakova A.I., Hismatullina Z.R., Zatcepina M.V.

Maxillofacial surgery
10 Changes in the function of external respiration of patients with skeletal anomalies of the jaws during orthognathic operations. Gammadaeva S.Sh., Glushko A.V., Drobyshev A.Yu.
16 Trauma severity scoring — a reserve for a favorable treatment outcome of patients with craniofacial trauma. Nassar A.N.I., Idris M.I., Madai D.Yu., Absava K.A.

Economics and organization in dentistry
24 Some aspects of the forensic medical evaluation of defects in medical care in the provision of dental treatment using orthopedic structures on dental implants and the occurrence of Galvanism. Butenko O.G., Topolnitsky O.Z., Romodanovsky P.O.

Microbiology and ecology of the oral cavity
28 The influence of photodynamic effects on microbial adhesion and the choice of structural materials for relocation of dentures for patients with inflammatory periodontal diseases. Samusenkov V.O., Malervein A.V., Yudin I.A., Tsareva T.V., Grishaeva K.A.

Psychological aspects in stomatology
34 Theoretical and practical aspects of the adaptation of patients with full adentia to removable dental prosthesis. Galonsky V.G., Tarasova N.V., Surdo E.S., Chernov V.N., Gradoboev A.V.

Prosthetic dentistry
44 Evaluation of the effectiveness and satisfaction of patients in the treatment of pain dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint, taking into account the peculiarities of the personality and compliance. Iordanishvili A.K.
51 Modification of a bent wire single-arm clasp. Gavrikov O.L.

52 Treatment of distal occlusion in children. Kosyuga S.Yu., Sirotkina V.S.

56 Prominent Russian maxillofacial surgeon, professor A.A. Kyandsky. Ovechkin E.G.

Conference in memory of professor G.M. Barer
Round table on World Dental Health Day events in Russia—2020
What you need to know about coronavirus