DOI: 10.35556/idr-2019-4(89)4-9.
Clinical experience of quartz reinforcing mesh usage in production of full removable laminar upper dentures

Galonsky V.G.1, 3, Cherkashin B.F.1, Kharlamova A.A.1, Kungurov S.V.1, Gradoboev A.V.2, Surdo E.S.1
1 V.F. Voino-Yasenetsky Krasnoyarsk State Medical University
Russia, 660036, Krasnoyarskiy kray, Krasnoyarsk, St. Partizana Zheleznyaka, 1
2 Dental clinic “Gelios” LLC
Russia, 662313, Krasnoyarskiy kray, Sharypovo, 6 Mikrorayon, 25
3 Krasnoyarsk Science Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Scientific Research Institute of Medical Problems of the North (SRI MPN)
Russia, 660022, Krasnoyarskiy kray, Krasnoyarsk, St Partizana Zheleznyaka, 3Г

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The study is devoted to one of relevant topics in orthopaedic dentistry: orthopaedic treatment for fully edentulous patients with application of removable laminar dentures the basis of which is produced from acrylic plastic. The main problem of this approach has been formulated: the possibility of frequent crashing of the basis by the patient within earlier and later periods after the beginning of prosthesis exploitation. Options in prevention of this problem have been considered — reinforcing of the denture basis using standard and individually produced metal meshes — as well as their disadvantages. A study based on longitudinal clinical observation within terms of up to five years of exploitation effectiveness in quartz reinforcing mesh application to removable denture bases as an alternative approach to modern technologies has been carried out. Application features and advantages of this technology have been presented.

Keywords: complete edentulism, full removable laminar dentures, quartz reinforcing mesh, laminar denture crashing, prosthesis reinforcement.

For citation: Galonsky V.G., Cherkashin B.F., Kharlamova A.A., Kungurov S.V., Gradoboev A.V., Surdo E.S. Clinical experience of quartz reinforcing mesh usage in production of full removable laminar upper dentures. Stomatology for All / Int. Dental Review. 2019; No 4 (89); 4-9 (In Russian). doi: 10.35556/idr-2019-4(89)4-9

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