Contents, abstracts and references № 1 (98) 2022



Maxillofacial surgery
4 Rationale for the use of a intraoral device for mandible fractures fixation. Taraev A.Yu., Ushakov R.V.

Disinfection and sterilization
12 Carbon dioxide sterilization in critical/subcritical con-dition as an alternative to modern methods of eradication of bacteria, fungi and viruses on medical items (litera-ture review). Yanushevich O.O., Tsarev V.N., Arutyunov S.D., Korsunsky A.M., Salimon I.A., Podporin M.S., Romanenko I.I.

22 Periodontal status of hypothyroid patients: results of the study. Bulgakova A.I., Khafizova A.S., Vasilyeva N.A., Shafeev I.R.

Dental implantology
25 The results of using various methods of bone grafting in the oral cavity. Local bone modeling. Polupan P.V., Sipkin A.M.
34 Reasons for refusal of repeated prosthetics on im-plants according to the results of a patients survey. Zaslavsky R.S., Olesov E.E., Ivanov A.S., Zaslavsky S.A., Romanov A.S.

38 Changes of the upper airways depending on the or-thodontic rotation of the occlusal plane. Mamedov Ad.A., Timoschenko T.V., Slynko A.Yu., Go Hao, Ermakov A.S., Davletshin D.N.
46 The influence of the psychoemotional state of chil-dren aged 6—12 years with dental anomalies on the ef-fectiveness of orthodontic treatment. Razilova A.V., Mamedov Ad.A., Simonova A.V.

Materials in stomatology
52 Obtaining spectral dependences of the transmittance coefficient of composite material that blocks the influ-ence of the oral cavity darkness during the restoration of through defects in the crown part of the anterior teeth. Shalamay L.I., Mendosa E.Y., Maiorov E.E., Lampusova V.B., Oksas N.S.

Oral hygiene
58 Clinical evaluation of the cleansing effectiveness var-ious types toothbrushes used by adolescents 12—15 years old. Petrukhina N.B., Boriskina O.A., Shevlyakov D.I.