Received 25.10.2022
DOI: 10.35556/idr-2023-1(102)18-23
Efficacy of peri-implantitis prevention with needle-containing mouthwash
Zaslavsky R.S.1, Romanov A.S.1, Olesov E.E.2, Ragulin A.V.2
1 University of Medicine and Biology for Innovation and Continuing Education State Scientific Center «Federal Medical Biophysical Center named after A.I. Burnazyan» FMBA of Russia
Russia, 123098, Moscow, Marshala Novikova St., 23
2 Academy of Postgraduate Education Federal State Budgetary Institution «Federal Scientific and Clinical Center for Specialized Types of Medical Care and Medical Technologies» FMBA of Russia
Russia, 125371, Moscow, Volokolamskoe Sh., 91

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Insufficient motivation of patients determines low hygienic indicators of the mouth in persons with dental implants, which determines the search for new personal hygiene products. The possibility of tweeter substances, in particular, the production of the company «Solagift» (Tomsk), are of interest. Preliminary microbiological studies have shown the obvious bacteriostatic effect of a number of needle-containing substances on periodontopathogens in cell culture, including «Bio-efficient cellular juice of Siberian fir».
The objective of the study was the clinical testing of the mouth rinses containing «Bio-efficient cellular juice of the Siberian fir».
Within 18 months, the condition of the perioplantate tissues has been traced in 54 patients who used an oral roster during an individual oral hygiene 1:5 «Bio -efficient cellular juice of Siberian fir» or «Stomatophyt». A comparison of the effectiveness of inflammation prevention was carried out quarterly before the professional hygiene of the mouth using hygienic and periodontal indicators, the detection of mucositis and periymplatitis, and PCR diagnostics of periympetate spaces. A survey of patients with an assessment of rinses was carried out.
The results of the study showed the advantages of the rinseum with the «Bio-efficient cellular juice of the Siberian fir» in hygienic and periodontal indices, the detection of periodontalopatogens in both patients with implants with an initially healthy periodontal and against the background of inflammatory periodontal diseases. Mucosite was detected less often when using a needle -containing rinseum, periiompetlet was recorded singlely in comparison groups. The subjective assessment of the implications of the needle-containing roster of the mouth is characterized by a higher assessment in comparison with the rinseum based on the «Stomatophyt» on the prevention of the development of inflammation and odor from the mouth.

Keywords: prosthetics on implants, hygienic rinses, fir juice, clinical effectiveness.

For citation: Zaslavsky R.S., Romanov A.S., Olesov E.E., Ragulin A.V. Efficacy of peri-implantitis prevention with needle-containing mouthwash. Stomatology for All / Int. Dental Review. 2023, no.1(102): 18-23 (In Russian). doi: 10.35556/idr-2023-1(102)18-23

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