Received 02.10.2020
DOI: 10.35556/idr-2021-1(94)50-57
Clinical case of orthopaedic dental rehabilitation of a patient with Scheuthauer-Marie-Sainton syndrome
Galonsky V.G.¹, ², Tarasova N.V.¹, Surdo E.S.¹, Gradoboev A.V.³
¹ V.F. Voino-Yasenetsky Krasnoyarsk State Medical University
660036, Russia, Krasnoyarskiy kray, Krasnoyarsk, St. Partizana Zheleznyaka, 1
² Krasnoyarsk Science Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Scientific Research Institute of Medical Problems of the North (SRI MPN)
660022, Russia, Krasnoyarskiy kray, Krasnoyarsk, St. Partizana Zheleznyaka, 3G
³ Dental clinic “Gelios” LLC
662313, Russia, Krasnoyarskiy kray, Sharypovo, 6 Mikrorayon, 25

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The article presents results of content analysis of Russian and foreign reference materials, scientific and educational literature regarding a rare pathology: the Scheuthauer-Marie-Sainton syndrome (cleidocranial dysplasia). The results are provided in the form of an explicit diagnostic algorithm for dental practitioners revealing this disease in patients in orthopaedic dentistry and orthodontics practice being a guideline for involvement of allied general profile specialists in consulting of such a patient.
The clinical case reflected in the paper describes orthopaedic dental treatment provided to a 19-years-old female patient with cleidocranial dysplasia as well as a complex and ambiguous clinical picture of the oral cavity. The case demonstrates possibilities in efficacy of dental rehabilitation procedures for this category of patients using minimally invasive methods as the most justified and predictable approach providing a wide spectrum of furtherclinical decisions in short- and long-term patient management after treatment.
Keywords: Scheuthauer-Marie-Sainton syndrome, cleidocranial dysplasia, cleidocranial dysostosis, congenital maxillofacial pathology, tooth retention, supernumerary teeth, exfoliation delay of teeth.
For citation: Galonsky V.G., Tarasova N.V., Surdo E.S., Gradoboev A.V. A clinical case of orthopaedic dental rehabilitation of a patient with Scheuthauer-Marie-Sainton syndrome. Stomatology for All / Int. Dental Review. 2021, no.1(94): 50-57 (In Russian). doi: 10.35556/idr-2021-1(94)50-57

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