DOI: 10.35556/idr-2019-2(87)54-57
The application of the dental implant placement technique with simulated collagen subtotal demineralized cubе in single-step dental implantation of placing

Stomatov D.V.1, Efimov Yu.V.2, Stomatov A.V.2, Nesterov A.V.1, Popoudin A.A.1, Bodachevsky D.V.1, Kurjaev I.I.1
1Medical Institute of Penza State University
2Volgograd State Medical University


The clinical application of the new domestic material Boost in the form of subtotally demineralized collagen cube was performed in 3 patients with immediate dental implantation into the socket of the removed tooth in situations complicated by the unplanned absence of satisfactory primary stabilization. A new technique for the placement of a dental implant in a simulated osteoplastic material with simultaneous implantation is proposed. The effectiveness of the material was evaluated with computed tomography, orthopantomography and photographs 3, 6 months аnd 1 year after prosthetics.

immediate implantation, xenogenic material, osteoplasty of the socket.

For citation:
Stomatov D.V., Efimov Yu.V., Stomatov A.V., Nesterov A.V., Popoudin A.A., Bodachevsky D.V., Kurjaev I.I. The use of technology the introduction of dental implants in simulated collagen subtotal demineralized cubе in immediate dental implants. Stomatology for All / International Dental Review. 2019; no. 2 (87): 54—57 (in Russ.).

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