Contents, abstracts and references 3 (88) 2019


Conservative dentistry
4 Comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of light activation of photosensitizers in photodynamic therapy of periodontitis using different wavelengths. Samusenkov V.O., Tsarev V.N., Podporin M.S. More

Maxillofacial surgery
10 Structural and functional changes in the nasal and upper lip zone of adult patients with congenital cleft of the upper lip and palate and their quality of life after the treatment in an early age. Part 2. Kovalenko K.Yu., Semyonov M.G. More

X-ray dentistry
16 Features of the displaying of the dentoalveolar region with intraoral periapical radiography. Arzhantsev A.P. More

22 Stages of the formation of temporary and permanent occlusion and the impact of early tooth extraction on the dentition state. Literature review. Murachueva G.A., Rasulov I.M., Gusenov S.G. More

Microbiology and ecology of the oral cavity
26 Comparative analysis of the antibacterial effect of preventive toothpastes with use of automated microorganism growth control system. Podporin M.S., Terentev K.V., Trefilova Y.A., Tsarev V.N. More

32 Questionnaire validation for the evaluation of patients satisfaction with chronic generalized periodontitis physiotherapeutic treatment. Lyubomirsky G.B., RedinovaT.L. More

38 X-ray microanalysis of mixed saliva with fluorosis. Musiev A.A., Volkov A.G., Dikopova N.Zh., Makarenko N.V., Budina T.V., Ruchkin D.N. More

Dental implantology
42 On the features of the use of digital technologies in the planning and implementation of orthopedic treatment using dental implants. Kostin K.A., Kozhevin M.V., Erohin M.A,, Ponomarev O.Yu. More

Economics and organization in dentistry
48 Development of information and communication interaction as an element of corporate culture that increases the attractiveness of a medical institution for patients of older age groups. Stepanova Yu.S., Morozova Ya.V., Kopytov A.A., Asadov A.R. More


52 The “Brainstorming” method in teaching the “Prevention and public dental health” discipline at a medical school exemplified by development of “dental health” lessons for children with sensory deprivation of vision. Surdo E.S., Galonsky V.G., Tarasova N.V., Gradoboev A.V. More


60 Borovskiy Evgeniy Vlasovich
61 Opening of the 3M dental training center in Moscow