Received 30.03.2020

DOI: 10.35556/idr-2020-3(92)22-24

Therapy of recurrent herpetic stomatitis in childrens with bronchial asthma
Kuznetsova O.Yu.1,. Ziyatdinova A.I.1, Misbakhov A.A.1, Salikhov N.R.1, Malanicheva T.G.2
1 Kazan University
Russia, 420008, Respublika Tatarstan, Kazan, Kremlyovskaya St., 18
2 Kazan State Medical University
Russia, 420012, Respublika Tatarstan, Kazan, Butlerova St., 49

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The work presents the results of a study of the effectiveness of the use of an immunomodulating agent for the treatment of recurrent herpetic stomatitis in children with bronchial asthma.
The therapy of recurrent herpetic stomatitis was carried out in 67 children aged 1 to 16 years with bronchial asthma according to the scheme proposed by the authors using an immunomodulator. The immune status of patients before and after the therapy was assessed using the following indicators: the content of immunoglobulin (SIgA) in saliva, salivary lysozyme, an integrated indicator, the balance coefficient (Ksb).
The results of the study showed that after the therapy, the incidence rates of recurrent herpetic stomatitis improved, the state of local immunity approached the group of healthy children.
It is concluded that the proposed therapy for recurrent herpetic stomatitis in children with bronchial asthma gave a positive result and can be recommended for the treatment of this category of patients.

Keywords: therapy, recurrent herpetic stomatitis, children, bronchial asthma.

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Kuznetsova O.Yu.,. Ziyatdinova A.I., Misbakhov A.A., Salikhov N.R., Malanicheva T.G. Therapy of recurrent herpetic stomatitis in childrens with bronchial asthma. Stomatology for All / Int. Dental Review. 2020, no.3(92):22-24 (In Russian). doi: 10.35556/idr-2020-3(92)22-24

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