Contents, abstracts and references № 4 (97) 2021



Conservative dentistry

4 Application of the spectroscopy method for the study of dental tissue samples in vitro and dental photopolymers. Kuzmina D.A., Mendosa E.Yu., Shalamay L.I., Maiorov E.E., Narushak N.S., Chernyak T.A., Khokhlova M.V.

10 Modern aspects of the etiology, pathogenesis of lichen planus with manifestation in the oral cavity, the principles of providing orthopedic dental care to patients. Karnaeva A.Sh., Rasulov I.M-K., Magomedov M.A., Osmanova A. A., Magomedov Kh.M.


16 Study of the clinical complex efficacy of natural cytokines and antimicrobial peptides in the treatment of patients with inflammatory periodontal diseases. Grudyanov A.I., Fomenko E.V., Kalyuzhin O.V., Berkutova I.S.


21 Regional and age-related features of the prevalence and structure of dental anomalies in children of the Krasnodar region. Voskanyan A.R., Ayupova F.S.

Psychological aspects in stomatology

24 Burnout syndrome in dentists. Literature review. Daurova F.Yu., Ivashkina O.A., Makeeva M.K.

Methods of functional diagnostics in stomatology

34 The state of microcirculation with different perfusion intensity in the pulp and periodontal in young patients with functional disorders of the masticatory apparatus against the background of connective tissue dysplasia. Statovskaya E.E.

Digital stomatology

46 The full cycle of digitalization and automation in dental practice. Studenikin R.V., Mamedov A.A.


54 Possibilities of crystallographic study of the oral cavity liquid in diagnostic of diseases of salivary glands. Yaremenko A.I., Matina V.N., Vladimirova L.G., Kutukova. S.I., Alenkina M.G., Danilova U.A.

Microbiology and ecology of the oral cavity

59 Parametric assessment of lactoferrin activity in experiment and clinical application. Tsarev V.N., Podporin M.S., Sadchikova E.R., Trefilova Yu.A., Arutyunyan A.A., Ezhova A.V., Goldman I.L.


66 1st Russian-Japanese online symposium “Modern methods of sedation and pain relief in dentistry”