DOI: 10.35556/idr-2020-2(91)30-34

The effect of smoking on periodontal tissues
Kostrigina E.D.1, Тarasenko K.I.2, Shinkina Ya.S.1, Mitryahina E.A.1, Banketova O.S.1, Yangulov T.F.1
1 Medical Institute of Penza State University, Russia, Penza, 440026, Russia, Penza, Lermontov St, 3-10
2 Penza Institute for Advanced Medical Studies, Russia, Penza, 440060, Russia, Penza, Stasova St, 8A

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This article is a review of the work of domestic and foreign authors on the effect of smoking on periodontal tissues, the mechanism of action of nicotine on the microvasculature, hygiene and soft tissues of the oral cavity. A modern diagnostic method using the Florida Probe computer system is considered. A treatment plan is proposed for patients with inflammatory periodontal diseases, the etiological factor of which is exposure to nicotine.

Keywords: periodontium, smoking, treatment plan.

For citation: Kostrigina E.D., Тarasenko K.I., Shinkina Ya.S., Mitryahina E.A.,Banketova O.S., Yangulov T.F. The effect of smoking on periodontal tissue. Stomatology for All / Int. Dental Review. 2020, no.2(91); 30-34 (In Russian). doi: 10.35556/idr-2020-2(91)30-34

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