Received 11/02/2021
DOI: 10.35556/idr-2021-2(95)8-12

Application of the OccluSense apparatus for occlusive diagnostics
Lebedenko I.Yu., Bykova M.V., Vafin S.M., Urusov E.K.
The Medical Institute of the Russian People’s Friendship
Russia, 117198, Moscow, Miklukho-Maklaya St., 8
E-mail address:

Keywords: dynamic occlusion, occlusion area, digital stomatology.

For citation: Lebedenko I.Yu., Bykova M.V., Vafin S.M., Urusov E.K. Application of the OccluSense apparatus for occlusive diagnostics. Stomatology for All / Int. Dental Review. 2021, no.2(95): 8-12 (In Russian). doi:10.35556/idr-2021-2(95)8-12

The article presents a study of the possibilities of the OccluSense device in obtaining information about the occlusal relationships of dental rows after treatment, including the making and installation of crowns which made of various structural materials-polymethylmethacrylate, E-max ceramics and zirconium dioxide.
Comparative occlusal diagnostics was performed using OccluSense and T-Scan apparatus.
The effectiveness of marking occlusal contacts on artificial crowns was evaluated by digital photometry.
The results obtained showed that the data of comparative occlusal diagnostics obtained using the OccluSense and T-Scan apparatus are practically identical (they differ by a maximum of 3—4%).

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